Thanks, but I can see the view just fine from here.

A Thank You to My Readers

To my readers,

This blog was a class success!  As an assignment for both my Intro to Mass Communication class and my Advanced Topic (Singularity and Transhumanism) Philosophy class, this blog resulted in an “A” in both classes, and even won the class blog contest for my Mass Comm class!

As I’ve got an entirely new load of classes starting next week, it is unlikely that I will be able to continue posting on this blog.  However, it has been a rewarding and enlightening experience to not only learn about our emerging technology and the myriad questions surrounding it, but to learn the process of blogging in general.  I’ve never kept a blog before now, and to my delight and surprise, readers are still viewing it, even though I’ve not posted since the semester ended.

Thank you, readers, contributors, professors, and all who have helped me with this assignment.




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