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Social (Media) Revolution

“I don’t think the Founding Fathers had any idea of how we would be using technology today when they formed our government,” said my friend James on the phone last night.



A Word on Polished Society

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good news!  Chivalry is officially extinct.  Add to its untimely demise the deaths of propriety, etiquette, gentility, and social behaviors expected of (and celebrated by) men and women of class.  Rejoice!  Gone are the days of patiently waiting for a lover to leave a card with the butler, of stealing a glance to your favorite here and there, and by all means, indulge in sexual impropriety, for it is no longer condemned in these modern days; innocence in its various forms is largely subject to ridicule now – heaven forbid any of us participate in an action that would make us look ridiculous!


The Future of American Law

When I talked to my brother, a former law student, about his take on the law and technology, the last thing I expected was for the conversation to turn to Twitter.  I remember wanting to be a defense lawyer when I was in middle school – reading several John Grisham novels to educate myself – but when it dawned on me that I might have to defend someone who had committed a crime, my perspective changed.  Before that realization, I had the idea that a defense lawyer keeps the good guys out of jail and puts the bad guys in.  Simple as that.  What I learned over the years, and after conversations with my brother, is that the law is much more fluid than that, and technology is only slicking the wheel.