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Contributory Info: Monkeys Move a Virtual Avatar Hand With Their Brains

Duke Medicine News and Communications released an article last Wednesday about new research enabling monkeys to move a virtual hand with their brains:

“In a first-ever demonstration of a two-way interaction between a primate brain and a virtual body, two monkeys trained at the Duke University Center for Neuroengineeringlearned to employ brain activity alone to move an avatar hand and identify the texture of virtual objects.”

The article continues,

“‘Someday in the near future, quadriplegic patients will take advantage of this technology not only to move their arms and hands and to walk again, but also to sense the texture of objects placed in their hands, or experience the nuances of the terrain on which they stroll with the help of a wearable robotic exoskeleton,’ said study leader Miguel Nicolelis, MD, PhD, professor of neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center and co-director of the Duke Center for Neuroengineering.”

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