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Contributory Info: The Doctor

Actor Robert Picardo played the holographic doctor on the popular sci-fi TV series, Star Trek: Voyager.  From Picardo’s official fan site the Doctor was described as an Emergency Medical Holographic (EMH) program, and “was designed on Jupiter Station by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, a holoengineer, who used himself as the physical and psychological pattern for the program. The Holographic Doctor has variously been described as ‘cranky,’ ‘irascible,’ ‘arrogant,’ ‘condescending’… and ‘vulnerable.’ He’s programmed with the medical knowledge of forty-seven of Starfleet’s finest physicians and the collected medical information of three thousand cultures.”

Despite his expertise, the Doctor was still only a holographic image, and was often dismissed at the command, “Computer, end program,” which could be issued by any member of Starfleet.

More About the Doctor


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